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Treating Pain

Alleviate offers rehabilitation of acute and chronic pain. The goal of Alleviate is pain treatment not just pain management.  Learn more.

Emotional Energy Release Therapy

Emotional Energy release therapy is designed to help people feel better. Those battling with fear, anxiety, or any other negative emotion can be helped by this therapy.   Learn more.

About Mary

Mary Bennett is a certified massage therapist in the Bloomington and Bedford Indiana area and owner of Alleviate Structural Massage Therapy.  She’s received advanced training in Structural Energetic Therapy®, SET Children’s Cranial, SET Emotional Release Therapy, Abdominal Bodywork, and Negative Pressure Massage Cupping.

When not working, Mary enjoys trips to the mountains and is avid hiker. She also plays volleyball and racquetball and loves walking her dog Roscoe.

Mary’s goal is to provide high quality and professional massage services for her clients.

“Structural massage is a great fit for me. It enables me to positively impact the health of my clients. I don’t just want to make people feel good; I want them to get better.”

About Us

Many people come to Alleviate as a last resort for relief from acute and chronic pain conditions.

Pain is no fun.  We wish they had come to us sooner.

Our therapies are NOT pain management. Alleviate provides treatment and rehabilitation from all kinds of painful conditions.

90% of painful symptoms throughout the body are due to structural imbalances.

Everyone has a twist or ‘core distortion’ in their body structure.

We use cranial techniques as well as soft tissue massage techniques to release this core distortion.

With your body in balance or alignment, you will use your body more efficiently and your flexibility will improve.

And ultimately?  You will feel better.

Contact us today!  Don’t just manage pain; Alleviate it!

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    Cranial and soft tissue massage techniques that will release your core distortion.

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